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Winnisquam NH 03289


Basic Membership*, at $30 per household, includes discounts at NNH events, a newsletter, and access to a members' area on our website. There also may be special, members-only activities. Many naturist resorts & groups provide discounts for card-carrying members of NNH.

* In an effort to encourage more young adults to participate in naturist activities, membership fees are waived for those between the ages of 18 and 25. They will be admitted to NNH events at member rates. Members of Young Naturists of America receive free NNH membership through age 35. To receive a Young Adult membership card, submit a photocopy of a driver's license, student ID, or other documentation. Mail to: NNH, PO Box 969, Winnisquam NH 03289.



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A word about email

We still receive email addressed to and, but enhanced security among email clients has been blocking much of our outgoing email, so we’re using to send messages from NNH. Please make sure that address is on your “safe list” because we’re still getting a lot of delivery failures, and we do want to keep you informed.

A Safe, Nurturing Environment

One of the misconceptions that we and other naturist organizations have to fight is the perception that social nudity is associated with sexual promiscuity. Many people have difficulty believing that naturist gatherings can be family-friendly, safe, and supportive. Some have a special concern about the fact that men normally outnumber women at naturist events.

NNH is open to all, but it requires those attending to observe proper etiquette, and that includes observing a non-sexual and non-judgmental approach to others. Everyone is vigilant in seeing that nothing improper occurs and that everyone feels safe and welcome.

Outside of our events, we cannot make such guarantees and, therefore, do not share email addresses among our members, leaving it up to them as to whether they are comfortable doing so.

Join NNH

Memberships help to support Naturist New Hampshire’s activities, including covering rental expenses when attendance falls short, maintaining our website, and mailing out brochures and newsletters to those without internet access. The $30 membership fee covers everyone in the household. Some other clubs provide discounts to NNH members. See


Contribute to Living Free

Living Free: Naturism & Our World is more than a naturist magazine; it reflects a philosophy that nudity is but one element of how we live and should be viewed in a larger context of healthy eating and exercise, spirituality, and the arts.

We are looking for your stories on how you became a naturist, your naturist experiences, and your tips on travel, making your home naked-friendly, and raising a naturist family.

Because Living Free goes beyond naturism itself, we’re also looking for discussions on books, politics, the environment, and everyday living.

We need poems, sketches, short stories, and tall tales. We need personal accounts of things you have encountered as a naturist, or as a homeowner, worker, commuter, or observer of human life.

We also have a need for photographs and artwork. These can be photos of yourself to illustrate your articles, photos of friends in naturist settings, and especially photos of naturists in everyday situations. Nude cooking, nude around the house, naked gardening, naked hiking, fishing ‘au naturel’ or making house repairs are some examples of the material we are looking for.

Simply sending in a letter to the editor will help with providing a well-rounded product for our readers.

The idea is to make the magazine as dynamic and interesting as possible.

While the main focus is naturism, we don’t confine Living Free to accounts of naturist resorts and planned activities — although those are welcome. We want articles reflecting philosophical issues, whimsical observations, and outrages We want opinions that are honest, whether or not they are “politically correct” or agree with what we say.

Living Free also welcomes your opinions on the stories. Take exception with an article, or agree with it. Offer further illustration of the points made, or suggest other interpretations.

Keep in mind, when contributing to Living Free, that we need a release form from any recognizable subjects for any photo we publish. Information on submitting stories and photos, and a release form, are available at Submit Stories.

Except for cover photos, no photo used in Living Free will appear in any public place on our website; they are available only to subscribers.

The photo release form allows you to place restrictions of any kind on the photos you submit, including that they not be used as cover photos to prevent their appearing in any public or promotional manner. We also will withhold your name or use a pseudonym, if you prefer. Thus, you control how your image is used.

The important thing is to contribute to make Living Free a diverse and interesting publication.

Here are some guidelines for submitting your First Naturist Experience stories:

1. Name (or pseudonym if you prefer to withhold your identity); 2. What is your background and where do you live? 3. How did you get involved in naturism? 4. Describe your first naturist experience. 5. What are your favorite activities? 6. What are your favorite naturist destinations? 7. Have you encountered problems being a naturist? 8. What has been your friends’ reactions, or do they know? 9. Do you have any advice for other naturist? 10. Anything you’d like to add?

Email your story and photos to

Your suggestions for improving Living Free are always welcome. Have an idea? Pitch it to us and you may find it adopted.

For further information, or to have your questions answered, feel free to contact us at or write to: Living Free, PO Box 969, Winnisquam NH 03289.

Naturist Etiquette

NNH activities are family-friendly. Overt sexual activity and anti-social behavior are not tolerated, and all who attend our events need to be vigilant to make sure these codes are not broken. We allow consumption of alcohol in moderation, but drunken behavior can lead to expulsion. Everyone also must look out for the safety of children, and report any behavior that is inappropriate. Anyone breaking these simple rules of conduct will not be welcomed back.

* Please respect the space of each individual.

* Please refrain from smoking or do so in an area where second-hand smoke will not bother others.

* We encourage respect for the natural surroundings and all property. Leave an area in better condition than what is found.

* All containers of food or beverages should be plastic and/or paper for safety. Please dispose of properly.

* One always sits upon one's own towel in all common areas.

* When using a hot tub or other facility/amenity, be mindful that others also may want to have a turn. Limit your use to 15 minutes at a time if you see someone else waiting for an opportunity to get in.

* All fees and cost are kept as reasonable as possible to accommodate most everyone.

* Security is well controlled for member safety at all times.

* All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


While there have been cameras present at some recent events, and photographs are needed for our e-zine, Living Free, many naturists object to having their photographs taken. To protect the rights and wishes of all those present, we have these rules on photography:

With the exception of the official LF photographer, or at specially announced activities, no cameras (including cell phones with cameras) are allowed at NNH events. When photos are to be taken, it will be in a designated area, away from the general activities. Only those who expressly agree to be photographed will have their pictures taken and, if it is for publication, they must sign release forms before the images can be used. Occasionally, attendees may allow others with cameras to take photos, but it will only be in an area where there is no possibility of accidentally including someone who does not want their photo taken.

'Tis far better to be nude and cloaked with honesty, than to be dressed in finery and plagued by body shame.

-Nudist Philosopher