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Living Free Flipbook


In Issue #1

Words of Welcome
Naturism & 'Truth'
Getting Away From It All
Nude Duck Tails
Body Adornment
How I Became a Nudist
Be On the Alert For Nude-a-Phobia
Letters From Our Readers



In Issue #2

Patience and Understanding
Time To Get Outside
A Cry For Help (Fiction)
How Did I Become a Naturist?
Cape Cod Beach Cleanup
Eating Well
Letters From Our Readers



In Issue #3

The Nature of Naturism
It's the Stupidity, Stupid!
Our Trip to Moshup Beach
Mexico's Riviera Maya
New Research Shows Importance of Vitamin D
World Naked Bike Ride 2009
Recipes To Live For
Night Encounter




In Issue #4

Create the Myth and Make It Real
Visualizing Naturism
Vera Meyer's Glass Harmonica
Genderless Nudists
Quinoa: The Small Grain With a Big Attitude
Jimmy and Suzie
Being Open Is the Connection: Massage & Naturism
Friends and Neighbors
Happy Holidays




Living Free No. 5

In Issue #5

Promoting Naturism
Be Attentive to the Other Person
The Case Against Tight Clothing
Our Bodies Are Beautiful
Adah: The Naked Lady
The Naked Lady: Adah Menken's Journey
The Other Side of Dr. Seuss
Horror of Horrors
Naturism & Photography


In Issue #6

The Challenges of Naturism
Some Questions for the Ranger
Celebrating the Beauty of Woman
My Morning with Dawn
Is Christina Aguilera's New Video
'Not Myself Tonight' Obscene?
Freehiking at the Border
Fully Experiencing the Outdoors






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Prior to Living Free, there was oNLIne, an e-zine by Naturist Life International
which published 28 issues of a print magazine prior to the first digital edition.
All three issues of oNLIne are available on CD:

Premiere issue: oNLIne 29

Editorial: A few words to our readers
How To (Maybe) Win Friends & Influence People, by Jim Cunningham
Naturist Autobiography by Ryan Thomas
A Different King of Hike by Mary Armstrong

oNLIne 30

Editorial: Who Are We?
Consistency, by Jim Cunningham
Influencing People, by Martin H.
A Chance Encounter with Naturism, by Ernie C.
Remembering John Hart, by John Purbrick
Blues for a Floating Sauna

oNLIne 31

Clothed Encounters: Home Sweet Home
By the Sea
My First Nude Hike
Naked European Walking Tour
Column: Pine Pitch

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